• Genetic mite

    Researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed a genetically prepared vaccine against asthma. The vaccine has been prepared by introducing a gene from dust mites, a common cause

  • Unsung babies

    Unsung babies

    Exposure to <font class='UCASE'>ddt</font> increases the risk of child mortality

  • 'Roughing it out in Lebanon was futile'

    <font class='Question'> Why did you go to Lebanon?</font> <br> Survival was a struggle. My husband earned a pittance as a vegetable vendor and we had to take care of our two boys and three girls. The children were then 19, 17, 15, 14 and 4, respectively. They needed food, clothes, books and shoes. It became really tough when my third child, Kajendani, attained age in 2000 and she had to walk more than a mile, alone, to collect water for cooking, washing or bathing.<br>

  • Artificially real

    Artificially real

    Researchers develop artificial human eggs that will enable infertile women to have children with their genetic features

  • First time study: child poverty

    First time study: child poverty

    Child Poverty Tens of millions of children in developing countries do not have access to food, water, education and sanitation, according to a report prepared by the Townsend Centre for

  • News Snippets

    &#149; A coalition of environmental advocacy groups based in the UK participated in a weeklong protest outside the London headquarters of the major grocery chain, Sainsbury. Activists gathered every

  • Govt doubles Ladli scheme amount

    The state cabinet on Monday revised the starting amount for the Ladli scheme to Rs 10,000 from the existing 5,000 at the birth of a girl child in a family with an annual income of less than Rs 1 lakh. While the move is obviously aimed at wooing Congress's traditional votebank in the slum clusters and unauthorised colonies, the irony is that the rules of the scheme, which is supposed to be effective from January 1, 2008, are yet to be notified three months after the cabinet had given its initial nod to the project. Under the present form of the scheme, every eligible girl child is entitled to Rs 10,000 at the time of birth and then onwards, Rs 5,000 each at the time of admission to classes I, VI, IX, X and XII. The money will be kept as a long term fixed deposit in the name of the child who can encash it when she turns 18 and the money she will thus get in hand will be Rs 1 lakh. Chief minister Sheila Dikshit, after the cabinet meeting said:

  • Highlights: Cash surplus at record high

    The Minister for Railways, Mr Lalu Prasad, flanked by the Ministers of State, Mr Naranbhai Rathwa (left), and Mr R.Velu, arriving to present the Rail Budget on Tuesday. Review of Performance: 2007-08

  • Percentage of diabetic patients increasing alarmingly

    About 5.6 per cent of the country's adults and a large number of children are suffering from diabetes, and the number of diabetic patients is increasing alarmingly with more than 20,000 new patients in a year. According to the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, various causes increase the prevalence of diabetes, while unbalanced food habit, lack of physical exercise, regular intake of energy-dense fast food and soft drinks are mainly blamed for diabetes. According to the data available at the association, 22,559 new patients of diabetes were registered in financial year 2005-2006, 22,324 in 2004-2005, 21,462 in 2003-2004, 20,883 in 2002-2003, 20,607 in 2001-2002 and 17,045 in 2000-2001. A total of 3,57,418 patients were registered in financial year 2005-2006, 3,34,859 in 2004-2005, 3,12,535 in 2003-2004, 2,91,073 in 2002-2003, 2,70,190 in 2001-2002 and 2,49,587 in 2000-2001, according to the association's data. Such patients were registered with the DAB-run BIRDEM hospitals in Dhaka, 13 national healthcare network centres in the city, 10 diabetic healthcare development centres and 56 affiliated bodies across the country. The DAB president, AK Azad Khan, told New Age on Wednesday

  • Hailstorm damages huge crops in Gaibandha

    A violent hailstorm, accompanied by rains, yesterday hit Sadar upazila of the district, leaving 13 people injured and over 200 houses damaged. Locals said the hailstorm that struck at about 6:30pm also damaged standing crops on a vast track of land during its fury. The 13 people, including five children, were injured as their thatched houses collapsed during the storm. Kamarjani, Kunderpara, Prodhaner Bazar, Jhakurer Bhita, Goghat, Kharjani, Dariapur, Karaibari, Counciler Bazar and Nayagai were among the worst affected 19 villages in the hailstorm.

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