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  • 81 lion deaths from January 2006-08

    A total of 81 lions have died across the country from January 2006 to 2008, with nine of them becoming victims of poaching, Rajya Sabha was informed on Thursday. Fifty two lions died a natural death, one because of an accident and six due to electrocution while 13 fell in a well and nine lions died because of poaching in Gir protected area and surrounding habitats of Gujarat. Out of the six lions electrocuted, five of them died in Permpara village, outside the Gir Protected Areas in October 2007. Investigation shows that a farmer had laid electrified wire fencing his agriculture land to prevent crop damage from wild herbivores, minister of state for environ ment and forests S. Regupathy said.

  • Nal Sarovar boating routes fixed on lines of Gir forest

    Now, you may not have to shell out those extra bucks that boatmen demand in lieu of taking you deeper into Nal Sarovar to watch the winged visitors. The forest department has framed eight routes in this 120 sq km lake, on the lines of Gir sanctuary, where the boatmen would take the visitors. This will ensure that people do not end up paying more considering that the charges of boating at Nal Sarovar are per person per hour. Forest department officials said that it was noticed that a tourist would hire the boat for one hour and end up spending several hundred more because he would not be able to watch the birds. The officer said that earlier the boatman would row the boat slowly consuming more time and later he would ask for double the amount while in middle of the lake. "A person coming to watch the birds would agree to pay the rate, which is asked when he is in the lake and has not been able to watch the birds,' a forest department official said. After deliberations with the boatmen and their association, the eight routes to eight different islets inside the lake have been fixed. "The routes were fixed following the Gir Sanctuary where there were different routes and the tourist was asked to pick up the route.' said the officer. Deputy Conservator of Forest B D Modi said, "The routes were decided based on the maximum time they can take to reach a location. The timings of the route range from one hour to six hours and the tourists will chose the route and pay accordingly.' Modi said that to identify the spots, the forest department has also put marks and boards on the islets. There were boats put at Dhrabla bet, Sur Bet, Limsi Bet and others. He said that the sixhour route was the longest route. This route was from Nalsarovar entry point to Limsi bet, Sur bet, Panvad Bet, Dhrabla bet, Cholathali bet, Chera bet and back. This was the route which covered all the routes. He further said besides this routes there were rates being in the ratio of per person and per hour. This would help the tourist to choose there route according to their pockets and budgets. People at Nal Sarovar for a boat ride

  • Probe over, no arrests made for Gir forest fires

    The eastern ranges of Dhari in the Gir sanctuary have experienced over four mishaps in the past one-and-a-half months. Yet the cause of these forest fires has not been traced nor culprits booked.

  • Book: The Gir lion

    Book: The Gir lion

    Book>> The Gir Lion

  • In Court

    Notice on gir lion deaths: The Supreme Court of India on October 29 sought responses of the Centre and the Gujarat government on a petition seeking steps in Gir forest to contain large-scale

  • Population and Habitat Viability Assessment PHVA for Asiatic Lion (Panthera leo persica)

    The Asiatic Lion has been of concern for many years as the population is said to have diminished to a scant twenty to one hundred or so animals. Previoulsy, reintroduction and translocation efforts had been undertaken to try and establish another population but these efforts were not successful due to lack of proper planning and methodology. Recent research has underscored the speculation that even the wild population may be suffering from inbreeding depression. July 2007

  • Why the Lion reintroduction project?

    Isolated populations of endangered species are at much greater risk compared to populations that are well distributed. The risk is even more acute if the species in question survives as a single, small population confined to a single locality. Currently Asiatic lions (Panthera leo persica) are up against precisely such odds. July 2007

  • Centre wants lions to be relocated from Gir forest; Gujarat not keen

    Centre wants lions to be relocated from Gir forest; Gujarat not keen

    the centre informed Parliament on April 30, 2007, that it was necessary to relocate Asiatic lions from the Gir National Park (gnp) in Gujarat to save them from extinction. But the Gujarat

  • King in shackles

    The first ever poaching of several Asiatic lions In Gujarat has shaken the authorities and wildlife lovers into devising steps to protect the species

  • New conservation body for Gir Lion

    New conservation body for Gir Lion

    the Gujarat Lion Conservation Society, an autonomous body for Asiatic Lion conservation, will be registered by March 15, 2007. The society will focus on improving habitat, mobilising resources,

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