• bolivia

    A storm of high intensity swept through the Bolivian capital of La Paz, claiming 48 lives. The storm brought the worst floods and hailstorms in the 500-year history of the city. Many people


    Rejecting environmental complaints lodged by indigenous groups, the regulatory agency of Bolivia has authorised Sociedad Transierra, an international consortium of energy companies, to build a 450

  • LA PAZ

    LA PAZ

    A violent protest by peasants against rising water prices forced an international water company to withdraw its services from Cochabamba, Bolivia's third largest city situated at the foot of the


    In a recent move, the 59-year-old state-owned oil industry has been privatised with international companies given the responsibility to develop and manage the country's oil reserves. The deal, which

  • Mesa s mess up

    In Bolivia, there is intense political turmoil centred around its energy policy. President Carlos Mesa offered his resignation on March 7, 2005, following weeks of widespread protests and a call by

  • Before another storm

    Before another storm

    Bolivia, ridden with energy crisis-driven political turmoil, is currently witnessing a period of calm. Protests by peasants, miners and labour organisations, which forced president Carlos Mesa to



    Chagas' disease, a debilitating tropical scourge named after Brazilian doctor Carlos Chagas, is threatening to swamp Bolivia. Half of the nation's 3.5 million strong population is exposed to the

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