Business India (Mumbai)

  • Corporate concern

    Employee participation enables a major FMCG company to make an impact on earth-quake rehab in Gujarat. Procter & Gamble's global philosophy consists of adding value to the community in which it

  • Japanese to the rescue

    A loan assistance of Rs 442 crore has been advanced by the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation to protect the forest wealth in Rajasthan along with its wildlife. The figure includes 15 per

  • Crystal clear

    Pollutants emitted from Indian Oil Corporation's refinery at Mathura do not endanger the Taj Mahal in Agra, the public sector oil company has clarified. And supporting its claim is the Archaeological

  • Early cancer detection

    M.B Sahasrabundhe, a former director of the Cancer Research Institute, Mumbai has developed a blood test for detecting all types of cancer irrespective of where it is located, long before any of the

  • Muliebrity unshackled

    An organisation that is actually a composite of several movements for women's uplift shows there's mroe to development than aid. The Self Employed Women's Association(SEWA) is both an organisation

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