Stages towards a clean paper industry

  • 30/07/1995

Paper companies: 55 mills now produce totally chlorine free, high-quality bleached pulp.

Province of Ontario: Pulp mills must eliminate organachlorine discharges by 2002.

British Columbia: Pulp mills here must eliminate grganochlorine discharges by 2002.

Sweden National: Goal to end toxic discharges from-Ifie-company pulp mills by 2000.

International Joint Commission on the Great Lakes: Calls on US and Canada to phase-out uses of chlorine as an industrial feedstock.

Paris Commission: 13 nations on the North Atlantic and the EU agree to eliminate persistent, toxic discharges of bioaccumulative substances, particularly organochlorines.

Barcelona Convention: 21 Mediteranean nations agree to eliminate persistent, toxic discharges of bloaccummulative substances, particularly organoMorines.

American Public Health Association: Calls for measurable and progressive reductions toward the elimina. tion of the use of chlorine-based bleaches in the pulp and paper industry.

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