What exactly are cattle fed?

What exactly are cattle fed? cattle feed manufactured in Punjab under various brand names contain harmful quantities of limestone powder (lsp) and urea, the Punjab Dairy Development Department (pddd) warned recently. This adversely affects the quality of milk produced, as well as the health of the cattle. In its report based on tests of cattle feed samples conducted from June 2004 to March 2005, pddd says of the 422 samples tested, only 218 met the prescribed standards. "The rest contain an excess quantity of lsp and urea,' reveals Anil Kaura, director, pddd, Chandigarh.

Good only in moderation lsp and urea are mixed in cattle feed on the pretext of supplementing its calcium and nitrogen content to increase milk yield. " lsp is calcium carbonate and nearly 40 per cent of urea is nitrogen. This nitrogen is used by the cattle to produce protein

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