Getting REDD+ right for women: an analysis of the barriers and opportunities for women’s participation in the REDD+ sector in Asia

The purpose of this assessment is to identify the constraints to and opportunities for women‘s participation in REDD+ initiatives, particularly as country REDD+ readiness plans are being developed, as well as to reveal the potential impacts of gender relations on REDD+ initiatives and vice versa. Additionally, this study aimed to provide recommendations on how future REDD+ initiatives in Asia, including USAID/RDMA‘s new Sustainable Landscapes program, can successfully integrate gender into REDD+ projects so as to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of USAID‘s REDD+ initiatives, and that USAID assistance makes the optimal contribution to gender equality. Note that this assessment was conducted prior to the award of the USAID/RDMA Sustainable Landscapes project so as to be used to inform its design. The findings of the assessment are being integrated into RDMA‘s Lowering Emissions from Asia‘s Forests (LEAF) project.