State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2014: turning over a new leaf

With the effects of climate change already being felt from New York City to New Delhi, the fight to keep global forest carbon stocks intact, to improve forest management, and to reforest degraded land is more vital than ever. Too often, trees are worth more cut down than standing. But markets that value the carbon storage and other ecosystem services that forests provide are now channeling millions of dollars to forests every year - and leveraging other financing. 2014's report provides insights such as: A closer look at buyer motivations and activities, from internal carbon pricing to customer engagement with offset programs, New data on the co-benefits of forest carbon projects, from employment to endangered species protection, New information on forestry's role in emerging compliance markets, including California's cap-and-trade market and finance flowing to jurisdictional nested REDD, Information on new land-based project types, such as wetlands restoration and bamboo. Ecosystem Marketplace's State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2014 builds on five previous reports and highlights 2013 trends in forest carbon offset demand. The report data is gathered through an extensive annual survey and interviews with global forest carbon offset suppliers. The report is the only market-wide research tracking performance-based payments for emissions reductions in forests.