Report of the expert committee on atmospheric environmental quality and preservation of Taj Mahal and Agra monuments - Vol I (Varadarajan Committee Report on Taj)

The Government of India announced its decision in 1973 to set up a 6 million tonne per year Petroleum Oil Refinery at Mathura under the Indian Oil Corporation of India. Some apprehensions were expressed about the possible adverse effects on the historic monuments in the Agra-Mathura region from the gaseous emissions to be discharged from the Refinery. These monuments include the Taj Mahal, and the palaces and buildings in Agra Fort, Itimad Ud-Daula Sikandra and Fatehpur Sikri. An Expert Committee constituted by the Government of India conducted studies on the atmospheric air quality in the region and estimated the extent of release of various components in the gaseous emissions.

Note: Dr. S. Varadarajan Committee Report (VOL I)