Water quality of rivers at interstate borders

51 out of 83 locations spread across 40 important rivers at interstate borders are polluted with respect to Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) says this new CPCB report on water quality of interstate rivers and recommends sewage treatment plants for all towns and cities.  

CPCB identified water quality monitoring stations at interstate river boundaries to monitor the water quality of 83 locations spread over 40 rivers through its Zonal Offices and Head Office to resolve disputes among SPCBs. Water quality data of interstate rivers fro 2005-2013 monitored by CPCB through its Zonal Offices and Head Offices have been evaluated against the primary water quality criteria. Sixteen monitoring locations with respect for four parameters (DO, BOD, TDS and TC) are identified as polluted and need remedial measures for restoration of water quality. Report has highlighted the water quality of each interstate river in terms of DO and BOD. The report also includes the trend analysis for last 4 year alongwith the range of DO and BOD concentration of all the interstate rivers and the polluted river locations are listed based on the analysis. The overall assessment of the river water quality shows that 51 locations out of 83 are polluted with respect to BOD, 57 locations with poor water quality on the basis of DO, 61 locations showing TDS within the prescribed limit and 13 locations showing TC range within the prescribed limit.

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