The Odd-Even Trial Ends: Will Delhi Now Follow It Voluntarily?

The odd-even scheme that encouraged alternate day car use in an effort to cut down on air pollution in Delhi comes to an end. The jury is still out on whether there has been a dramatic drop in air pollution as a result of the scheme but what is clear is this the odd even scheme brought out the best of the city and its people. Who would have thought that there would be overwhelming compliance for a scheme in a city notorious for looking the other way, and not caring. The fact is this: Air pollution is a killer and Delhi is the world's most polluted city. And people know that. Delhiites want change and they acted, and accepted hardships to make odd-even a huge success in its implementation. On the show tonight, we reflect on the overwhelming response of this programme with children who were out on the roads encouraging people to not break the law and those behind the programme - Gopal Rai, the Delhi transport minister, the traffic police chief Dr Mukesh Chandar and environmentalists.