Annual European Union greenhouse gas inventory 1990–2015 and inventory report 2017

The EEA’s new reports, 'Annual European Union greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2015 and inventory report 2017’ and ‘Analysis of key trends and drivers in greenhouse gas emissions in the EU between 1990 and 2015’ provide an overview of the EU’s greenhouse gas emission trends. The EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions increased in 2015 for the first time since 2010. Higher emissions were caused mainly by increasing road transport, both passenger and freight, and slightly colder winter conditions in Europe, compared to 2014, leading to higher demand for heating. Gains in the fuel efficiency of new vehicles and aircrafts were not enough to offset the additional emissions caused by a higher demand in both passenger and goods transport. Road transport emissions — about 20 % of total EU greenhouse gas emissions — increased for the second year in a row in 2015, by 1.6 %. Emissions from aviation, representing about 4 % of the EU total emissions, increased by 3.3 % in 2015.