Southeast Asia energy outlook 2017

Southeast Asia energy outlook 2017 The ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries are among the most dynamic parts of the global energy system and a rising force in international energy affairs. Thanks to its growing partnership with Southeast Asia, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has conducted regular in-depth studies of the energy challenges facing this region. This new report, which was prepared as part of the IEA’s flagship World Energy Outlook series, provides insights for policy makers, industry and other energy stakeholders to help address the energy sector challenges facing Southeast Asia today. The report highlights: The state of play across the Southeast Asia’s energy sector, based on the latest data and announcements. How today’s policies shape this region’s energy demand and supply outlook to 2040, and the implications for energy security, the environment and development. The opportunities that broader changes in global markets and low-carbon technologies open up for Southeast Asia. The investment required to improve efficiency and expand energy supply infrastructure, especially in the electricity sector. The mix of fuels and technologies that can help Southeast Asia achieve universal electricity access. An alternative pathway, the Sustainable Development Scenario, to meet energy security and environmental goals.

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