Rooftop revolution: unleashing Hyderabad’s rooftop potential

The historical city of Hyderabad has the potential to be a solar champion, according to a Greenpeace India report, titled, Rooftop Revolution: Unleashing Hyderabad’s Rooftop Potential. The report finds that the total rooftop solar potential of this city is 
1730 MW. If realised, this can help the city reduce the power demand by almost 15 percent. For residents, solar makes for a solid investment, and would cut down on electricity bills considerably. The study jointly undertaken by Greenpeace India and GERMI (Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute) scanned the area under Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and estimates an average of 2.70 MW per sq. km. can easily be generated through installing rooftop solar panels. A big share of this, nearly 70 percent, can come from the residential sector.