INFORM report 2019: shared evidence for managing crises and disasters

In 2013 INFORM started to develop and publish a Global Crisis Risk Index. Since that time, INFORM has become a multi-stakeholder forum for developing shared analysis to help to manage humanitarian crises and disasters. INFORM now has partners from across the UN system, donors, civil society, academic/technical community and private sector. The INFORM Global Risk Index (GRI) is a widely recognised and valuable tool that supports decision-making of INFORM partners and others. The INFORM risk analysis process and methodology has been extended to the regional and country level. Over the last two years, INFORM partners have been working to develop a Global Crisis Severity Index (GCSI). This report therefore marks a recognition of an evolution in INFORM's role - from a publisher of a risk index to a forum for shared analysis, which may ultimately extend to a suite of shared products for use by the entire crisis and disaster management community.