Water rotation programme

The executive engineers of Rohri and Nusrat irrigation divisions announced on Wednesday rotation programme for the channels under the divisions. According to an official handout, Rohri division's Sial Distributary, direct outlets from RD-22 to 60, Khushik Minor, Jatoi Minor, Bakhri Minor, Dad Branch Lundki Distributary, Jachero Minor, Mahaisar Minor, Haji Minor, Dasis Minor will be closed on Feb 29 and reopened on March 8. Direct outlets of Dehra Branch, Darbello Distributary, Dalpota Minor, Salehpur Minor, Manjuth Minor, Detha Minor, Old Keti Minor, Larik Minor, Pull Distributary, Jiskani Distributary-II would be opened on Feb 29 and closed on March 8, it said. The rest of the channels, which were already closed on Feb 21 would be opened on Feb 29, said the handout. The executive engineer of Nusrat Irrigation Division of Nawabshah also announced rotation programme for various irrigation channel under the division. According to an official press release, direct outlets of Nusrat Branch and off-taking channels and Amerji Branch system will be opened on Feb 28 and closed on March 6. Similarly, direct outlets of Nusrat Branch and off-taking channels would be opened on March 6 and closed on March 14, said the release. The direct outlets and off-taking channel of Nusrat Branch and Gajrah Branch system would open on March 14 and close on March 21, it said.

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