2020 Corporate Energy and Sustainability Progress Report

The purpose of this report is to provide high-level insights into global energy and sustainability trends with the goal of supporting organizations on their journey to Active Energy Management. In partnership with GreenBiz, Schneider Electric surveyed the opinions of 265 global energy and sustainability professionals from corporations earning more than $250 million in annual revenue and spanning 17 different industry segments. The respondents were primarily located in North America (69%), Europe (21%), and Asia (7%). Respondents to the survey ranged from individual contributors to C-level executives representing multinational businesses, most of which have operations on more than one continent. For many companies, 2020 is a landmark year, the first milestone in their journey towards a larger goal. For others, the turn of the decade may only be the beginning. And for all of us, the impacts of the COVID-19 virus are yet to be fully understood.Energy management once meant coordinating a utility program with a local provider and submitting a monthly bill for invoicing. However, as the energy market has continued to deregulate and demand for decarbonization has increased, energy professionals find themselves playing a much more strategic and influential role. Today’s energy management is ever increasing in its complexity. Regulation, distributed assets, globalization, new technologies, and market and price volatility make energy management key to any business’s budget, risk, and sustainability strategy

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