Achieving nutritional security in India: Vision 2030

Globally, there were 809.9 million undernourished people, of which 194.4 million people (24 per cent) were in India in 2016-18. India had around 30.9 per cent (46 millions) of the world’s stunted children under five years of age and 50.9 per cent (25.2 million) of the world’s wasted children in 2016-18 (FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO, 2019). Moreover, a study by Kharas et al. (2018) projects that India will account for 33 per cent of stunted under five years of age and 21 per cent of wasted children worldwide by 2030 unless stringent actions are taken. Given this backdrop, the pertinent question that the report aims to address is how India can achieve nutritional security by 2030. To address this, the paper identifies the multi-dimensional determinants of malnutrition and also explores the linkage between nutrition and income, poverty, food security and agriculture.