Water quality monitoring of canals

The investigated water quality analysis results of these (Sirhind Feeder Canal, Rajasthan Feeder Canal and Indira Gandhi Canal) canals from 25 selected locations are compared with the BIS 10500:2012 standards and CPCB standards for Designated Best Use. Surface Water samples collected from all the Canals were found within acceptable limit with respect to most of the physical and chemical parameters (e.g. pH, EC, TDS, DO, Mg+2, Ca+2, Cl-, F-, NO3-, SO4-2). Water samples from these Canals were also found within acceptable limit with respect to all the heavy metals e.g. arsenic, chromium, cadmium, copper, iron, nickel, lead and zinc indicating the absence of industrial pollution in these canals. Also, the results of Pesticide analysis of the canal water samples were found to be Below Detection Limit.

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