Powering nature: creating the conditions to enable nature-based solutions

  • 01/09/2021
  • WWF

Nature is in freefall. This report discusses humanity’s addiction to burning fossil fuels and converting natural ecosystems for agriculture is changing the climate, degrading once-productive lands and driving plant and animal species to extinction. And it’s no coincidence that millions of people each year are killed by the direct consequences of poverty, lack of clean water or adequate nutrition, extreme weather and exposure to new virulent pests and diseases. It provided a better understanding of the power of nature and how to unleash its potential through an extremely important concept: nature-based solutions. Protecting, restoring and enhancing natural ecosystems holds the potential to help tackle many of the challenges facing our planet - from climate change and nature loss to food insecurity - and to increase resilience to future risks. But these solutions need our support to overcome the structural barriers holding them back.

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