2021 global food 50/50 report

This inaugural 2021 Global Food 50/50 Report, a joint initiative of Global Health 50/50 and IFPRI, reviews the gender- and equity-related policies and practices of 52 global food system organizations in the food system from the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors around the world. The Global Food 50/50 initiative is a response to broad stakeholder demand for a global food system that is accountable for measurable and meaningful progress toward gender equality. This global mechanism will monitor progress and hold food system organizations accountable for achieving gender equality in leadership, adopting gender equitable internal workplace policies, and implementing strategies that advance progress toward gender-just and equitable food systems. Data relate to (1) inequality of opportunity in career pathways inside organizations and (2) inequality in who benefits from the global food system. The Report shows that organizational commitment to gender equality is high, and that over half of the organizations are transparent about their policies for shaping diverse, inclusive, and equitable working environments. However, organizational leadership remains disproportionately male.