The hunger funding gap: how the world is failing to stop the crisis

Only 7% of appeals for urgent hunger-related funding through the UN humanitarian system are filled, leaving a hunger funding gap of 93%, according to “The Hunger Funding Gap: How The World Is Failing to Stop the Crisis,” an analysis released by Action Against Hunger, a nonprofit leader in the global movement to end hunger. The assessment also found that while global funding has increased 233% over the past decade, overall humanitarian needs are up 500%, so 42% fewer UN appeals are being fulfilled. The analysis examined 13 countries that experienced “crisis” levels of hunger or worse in 2020, and how the global community responded with funding in 2021. Only 7.6% of Food Security appeals were fully funded and no appeals for support of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs were fully funded. The majority (61%) of hunger-related appeals were not even funded to the halfway point. Additionally, countries that experienced the greatest hunger crises actually received less hunger funding (by percentage of appeals filled) than countries with half the rate of hunger.

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