Accessibility standards for community toilets in rural areas

Having achieved the milestone of an ODF India in a time bound manner during the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM(G)) Phase I, efforts on access to improved sanitation for all and behaviour change communication have to continue to sustain the gains made under the SBM-G, to ensure no one is left behind and to ensure overall cleanliness in villages are achieved and maintained. Following the success of the Phase I of SBM(G), its phase II was launched with a unique design to leverage the capacity of individuals and communities in rural India to create people`s movement to ensure the ODF status of rural areas is sustained, people continue to practice safe hygienic behaviour and that all villages have solid and liquid waste management arrangements. This document will detail on design measures to be considered to ensure accessible and inclusive sanitation facilities in community spaces for all persons with disabilities in rural context.

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