Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding discharge of untreated sewage in Pamari drain which is adding to pollution of river Yamuna, 29/08/2023

  • 29/08/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Ramnaresh Vs State of Uttar Pradesh & Others dated 29/08/2023.

The grievance in the application is regarding discharge of untreated sewage in Pamari drain which is adding to pollution of river Yamuna.  The NGT vide order dated August 30, 2022 had directed a joint committee to submit a report on the matter.

The Tribunal, August 29, 2023 noted that the replies filed before the court was "materially deficient".

As per the Joint Committee report, the Nagar Palika, Tundla had constructed permanent roof top slab over the Pameri drain and toilets had been constructed over the same for which septic tank and soak pit were separately provided.

The court was informed that the toilets constructed over the drain have been removed but "there is no mention as to whether the roof top slabs have also been removed or not".  During inspection the Joint Committee also noticed that the domestic sewage is discharged into Pamari drain which travels around 12 Kilometers and on the way sewage mixed waste water of the drain is used by the local farmers so that the whole water is temporarily stopped by the local farmers and there is no waste water/sewage flowing into the drain and there is no direct discharge in river Yamuna. However, in the replies by the authorities it has been admitted that during monsoon season the water from the drain may meet river Yamuna on account of rains.

The Pamari drain originates from village Pamari and plays an important role in filling a pond measuring about 2 hectare on its way but ultimately Pamari drain meets river Yamuna which is a tributary of Ganga. Treatment of sewage/waste water flowing in Pamari drain is essential for preventing/controlling pollution in river Yamuna.

The Tribunal pointed out that the replies filed by the authorities do not mention as to what steps have been taken for treating the same before its discharge in other waterbodies.

In the replies nothing has been mentioned regarding management of solid waste also, the court said and directed the authorities to take appropriate remedial action in accordance with environmental laws and directions issued by the NGT within two months and file action taken reports on or before November 5, 2023. The NGT also directed the personal appearance of the Executive Engineer, Irrigation Department, Executive Officer, Nagar Palika Parishad, Tundla and District Magistrate, Firozabad on the next date of hearing, November 7, 2023.